Inground Pool Renovations


Looking to update your existing inground liner pool?

Want a more functional space?

Give a second life to your in-ground vinyl liner pool. With Uptown Pools & Landscaping Pool Repair & Renovation your in-ground pool will again become the focal point of your backyard and be entertaining again. Over the years, an in-ground pool can become damaged, weathered looking, liner starts to fade, coping and stone patios become dull and outdated.

What’s more, your family needs or dynamics may change over time. Uptown Pools & Landscaping has what it takes to totally rejuvenate your backyard oasis & pool and bring it back to a modern family friendly space. A pool renovation project can also be an opportunity to enlarge, add a built-in spa, tanning ledge, modify or beautify your pool. A vinyl liner replacement will make your in-ground pool as good as new, using new vinyl of steel steps will change the compete look and entry into your pool.

Custom In-ground Concrete Liner Swimming Pools

  • Cost effective compared to fiberglass or gunite pools
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Variety of different liner patterns & colours to choose from truly customize the look
  • Quicker construction time 5-10 days
  • Polymer Fiberglass frame with vinyl lining
  • Concrete solid base with zonolite grout finish
  • Available as a saltwater pool
  • Natural insulation keeps water 5-10 degrees warmer
  • Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes
  • Pair with popular features like tanning ledges, splash pads and spill over spas
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Vinyl Liner Replacement

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Re-design Pool Shape

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Coping & Patio Reno

Add Built-in Spa

Water Feature Wall

Water Feature Sheers

Outdoor Kitchens

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Pool & Landscape Lighting


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